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Bolé is a way to toast, explore, find the right energy to try new things and get involved!

A Romagna sparkling wine becomes the pretext for traveling, discovering places, people and their stories. To collaborate, give value, and introduce the curious to an adventurous territory!

With this mantra in our hearts, we asked ourselves how to combine the thirst for discovery from those who want to get to know Romagna better, with the desire of our favourite places to tell the world who they are, what they do, and why you should be curious!

BOLÉBITES is a new themeatic project for summer 2019, launching in June. We are constructing a real road map of our favourite places, from the coast to UNESCO city centres, where the common denominator is a surprising recipe between research, people, ingredients, and style.

Through our passion for discovery and exchange of ideas, we are bringing youa series of gastronomic collaborations, that take you from brunch to aperitivo hour, through dinner, until the end of the night!

Get to know Romagna’s finest culinary talents and mixologists as they create ad-hoc dishes and drinks in dialogue with Bolé. From traditional ingredients, to contemporary experimentalism, the project is a daring venture or those who like to think outside the box!

Each week we will be exploring a different locale, telling the story of the passions of the people who make it so special, and opening the door wide as an invitation to explore new horizons with us!

Stay tuned for our first featured spot, and prepare yourself to experience the real Romagna through the eyes of the people who know it best. BOLÉBITES – get ready for an adventure!

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This Week

La Rotonda

10th stop: La Rotonda sul Mare in Lido Adriano, for a lunch overlooking the sea.

Welcome to La Rotonda: the sea in 360 degrees, a place that is a beach, a bar with breakfasts and aperitifs, and a restaurant, open for lunch and dinner.
Passion is the lightning rod for La Rotonda's cuisine: Chefs Alessandro Dembech and Riccardo Cevegnini love tradition but cannot do without creativity. This is why in the kitchen only local raw materials and fresh fish from the Adriatic are chosen seasonally by buying directly from the producers.
The menu is enhanced with homemade pasta and fresh quality pastry prepared every day.
And if you are looking for good flavors to take home, next to the classic restaurant, you will also find a seaside take-away kiosk.

Our choice? Spaghetti "Mancini", cacio cheese, broad beans and oysters.

In the glass? Pure Bolé.

When to go? Every day for lunch from 12.30pm to 2.30pm and, for dinner, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. August open every day.





The places

Acquadolce, Cesena

Big Bar, Forlí

Cala Zingaro, Milano Marittima

Ca’ de Be’, Bertinoro

Coco Loco, Marina di Ravenna

Cucina del Condominio, Ravenna

Da Andrea, Cattolica

Fresco, Ravenna

Hana.bi, Marina di Ravenna

L’Ingrata, Rimini

La Rotonda, Lido Adriano

Maré, Cesenatico

Nécessarie, Rimini

Osteria Bartolini, Cesenatico

Piazza Nuova, Bagnacavallo

Quel Castello di Diegaro, Cesena

Sardineria, Cesena

Scalo 17, Cesenatico

Trattoria Petito, Forlí

Vista Mare, Milano Marittima


Archived Bites

Scalo17, Cesenatico
Our choice: Cantatae Herbae - Green Chartreuse | Vermouth Oscar 697 Bianco | Memento | Bolé

Hana-bi, Marina di Ravenna
Our choice: Galician octopus, followed by a dessert of mascarpone, yogurt, caramelized pineapple and rice wafer

Ca’ de Bè, Bertinoro
Our choice: The queen of Romagna’s street food: piadina and prosciutto, or as we say here la pìda e’ parsòt!

La Cucina del Condominio, Ravenna
Our choice: Fried vegetarian ‘meatballs’ with basil pesto.

La Sardineria, Cesena
Our choice: Ceviche of amberjack, prawns and shrimp with passion fruit emulsion prepared by Chef Pietro.

Osteria di Piazza Nuova, Bagnocavallo
Our choice: Veal cutlet, olives, rocket and cashew pesto, smoked burratina and toasted brioche

Cala Zingaro, Milano Marittima
Our choice: Salted cod and prawn croquettes, home made mayonnaise

Coco Loco, Marina di Ravenna
Our choice: Shrimp tartare, tomato water, burrata, capers, olives and Carasau toast

Maré, Cesenatico
Our choice: Croque Madame with house-made bread

The end

For an event, in distribution, for a gift or simply to get to know us and satisfy your thirst for discovery.
Every reason is good to get involved with Bolé!

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